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PAS International is a Govt. of India recognized One Star Export House promoted by the progressive and innovative entrepreneur in the year 2001 is located in Jaipur. Dealing in exports of Madeup garments of woven fabric like All types of cotton made, products. Home Textile, Home Furnishing, Garments, cushion covers, Sofa, Apron, Puffs, Bags, Quilts etc. Specializing in home furnishing products. The city of Jaipur has the specialty of hand embroidery known as Chickankari or chickan embroidery which is one of the finest and unique embroidery one cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Our products comes with great textures, detailed design to match the latest trends and fine quality, which has been synonymous with our brand for decades. Delivering the best designer products at an outstanding value for money has always been our motto and forte. Pas International is a proud employer of more than 120 committed employees working hard to deliver great satisfactory services through holistic marketing.

Fuelled by the desire for sustainable innovation, we deal in a variety of product lines such as home textiles, decorative textile garments, bags, sofa etc. We’ve also caused a stir in the market with our lineament offerings at affordable prices.

Whether you run a small company, or employ thousands of people around the world, you need simple and flexible systems along with a great working condition to make the most of business opportunities.

Always a step ahead of its competitors, the Company strongly emphasizes on systematic management, rigid quality with timely delivery and cost control. Its strength is its team of competent and committed professionals who have thorough knowledge of ever changing market trends.

The main markets are Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Australia, France, Mauritius, U.K., UAE.

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